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Leadership: What’s your style and how to tweak it.

Change and uncertainty are constant factores in the environment in which we operate now. Changing markets situations, new innovations that change the way we work and management replacement all impact or our day-to-day operations. This year the pandemic has most people working from home, with no physical contact possible. For some companies this actually meant growth and growth is also change and it has to be dealt with primarily online.

Increasingly we navigate complex problems to seek out the opportunities we need. Complex problems ask for collective initiative and action. The way you lead matters. It has an impact on the culture of your organisation and the ability of your team or orgization to work with change. In other words the ability of your team to be successful. 

In this workshop you examine your leadership style. What works and what doesn’t and why you might need to tweak it. Explore how you can built the capacity in your team to work with challenges and to step into opportunities. 

Our goal is that you will walk away at the end of the workshop with a:

- An understanding of the relationship between your leadership style and your succes of your team.
- A new perspective in leadership.
- Practical steps to tweak your leadership.

Details training session
Date: 24 September 2021.
From: 09:15  till 13:15 with a small break in the middle
Venue: Online
Ticket price: € 250,- ex btw
this training only takes place if there are 4 participants

Do you want to participate in this training, send an email to: Jacqui@thehouseofappril.com

About the trainer

Ad van Roosmalen is a trainer in leadership and organizational development. He supports leaders, teams and organizations to increase their capacity to be successful in constant change. Ad facilitates change networks and effective strategy and brainstorm meetings. He is a certified trainer and co-owner of the Genuine Contact™ program and member of the international network of Genuine Contact™ professionals. Genuine Contact™ is an holistic approach to change and organizational success.

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