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Finding mobile expert is challenging

Technology is growing exponentially and the demand for qualified and trained people who can provide high end software is growing. The right professional can speed up your proces and save your companies money and time. But how to stand out as an employer on the web, already filled with similar vacancies. How do you reach the right network, for the right match?

This is where we step in

The House of Appril helps you expand your team, find the right freelancer, employee, or independent contractor. Firmly rooted in the Dutch app community, our network contains what you need to speed up the development of your app. We understand the latest developments in the market, and the change in needs from a client perspective.

We know our candidates personally, and screen them extensively on both hard and soft skills.

We provide your entire app development chain

The House of Appril provides you with professionals throughout the development chain: from UX/UI designers, actual coders to product owners that guide the entire process from concept to delivery.

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Boost your search!

Under our roof we have experts that understand your needs and get to know your company DNA to make the right fit. We search across multiple channels, like our events. We use the latest technologies to promote your search and reach out to our app community.
Our network means we can provide you with candidates on short notice. That way you are assured of the right person for the right project!

We work based on recruitment and secondment terms, but can also provide you with independent contractors if needed. Curious to see how The House of Appril can help you launch the next step for your company’s digital strategy? Contact us today and experience our added value tomorrow!


Do you have a question about a vacancy, or do you want to have some input on your current possibilities as a professional? Don't hesitate to contact us with these (and other!) questions. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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