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The House of Appril has many different events under its roof. Providing you, the app community, with interesting networking and learning opportunities.

Meet peers & share your skills / Meetup.com

This Meetup Is for programmers and people who would love to learn how to code. We provide a challenging, inspiring environment where you can explore the world of mobile coding. You can discuss with professional programmers when you get stuck. When you have questions, or simply want to be in the environment of other like-minded friends while you work on your project, you’re welcome! Get feedback, encouragement and support, no matter what level you are at. All levels are welcome, so don’t be shy and

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Trends & networking / appril festival.com

appril is a community-driven festival for professionals who work in the app industry. Visitors of the festival can be working in app development, design, digital strategy and marketing, account and project management or the company board. appril Festival consists of workshops, network events and a conference with multiple tracks, focussing on Product Innovation, Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Optimisation.

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Let’s get technical - / Appdevcon.nl

Appdevcon is a conference by app developers, for app developers. We have four days with multiple tracks, designed in such a way that whether you’re an Android, iOS, Windows, Web, TV or other app developer, there’s always at least one session that should be of interest. We are an official Appdevcon partner.

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Expand your skills set / Soft Skills sessions

Are you already a successful developer, writing smart code, but noticing that you need more to make your ideas a great success? Because software development is a team sport, in order to make your product a great success, you need your teamwork on a different level. For these developers, we have set up a special series of Training and Workshops that help coders with the “other skills”.

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Why we do what we do

These events are for you, because we love to match smart people and stimulate the Dutch app climate. That’s why we organise these events on a not for profit basis, accessible for anyone that is interested in the app community.

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