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We are here for experts who create, build & design apps. By selling and marketing your tech skills, we get you the best job offers. We develop training courses and conferences to level you up.

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We deliver your next job. Are you an expert in building, designing or marketing apps and ready for the next step? We are looking for you!

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone could represent you? Someone who understands your ambitions and can match you to companies looking for exactly your skillset and drive? Welcome to The House of Appril, where we connect you with peers, listen to your ambitions and take your career to the next level.

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The House of Appril has been involved in the app community from the very start. By setting up Events we immersed ourselves in the latest mobile technologies and trends. Driving the app community, we have gained a large network of experts and companies who build apps for every platform or device.

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To give you a better insight into our vacancies we have something new: our Stack Podcast! Get inside information about the position, the technology and the organization in a few minutes. 


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at08-12-2021 10:20 AM
Worldwide, millions of developers share their projects with a version control system.

As a developer you can choose to share your code or keep it private. The great thing about a version control system is that it is possible to manage different versions and fall back on a previous version if something goes wrong. Sometimes developers make their projects public on purpose, so that other developers can contribute to their project and implement changes. Maybe you like to participate in projects yourself as well. It is also good fun to show your code to the world after all, your code is something to be proud of.

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at05-08-2021 10:54 AM
App Development in The Netherlands is booming business! So much so that HR-departmenst of app-agencies are having difficulties keeping up with the growth of the industry, resulting in lots of vacancies and not enough highly skilled, experienced app-developers to fill all these positions. App developers from outside of The Netherlands have noticed this too: not only are there plenty of interesting jobs available, the Dutch standard of living and labour circumstances are very attractive too!
2162 views | 0 reactions
at13-07-2021 2:23 PM
In The Netherlands we have  a thriving app community. Creative events, interesting meetups and great knowledge-sharing platforms, everything is available right here. We thought it would be a good idea to spread the love and share some of the coolest, most interesting ideas and events in this blog.
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The House of Appril is successfully working with a variety of clients throughout the Netherlands. Companies who build High-end apps for any platform or device. From startup, to scale up and corporate companies. We help companies find the best app professionals.

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