Should I share my code when applying for a job?

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Worldwide, millions of developers share their projects with a version control system.

As a developer you can choose to share your code or keep it private. The great thing about a version control system is that it is possible to manage different versions and fall back on a previous version if something goes wrong. Sometimes developers make their projects public on purpose, so that other developers can contribute to their project and implement changes. Maybe you like to participate in projects yourself as well. It is also good fun to show your code to the world after all, your code is something to be proud of.

To share or not to share

We also come across developers who cannot or don't want to share their code, or don't even have a Github account. As a passionate developer, you would expect to have written code somewhere that you can share. Maybe you contributed to repositories. You would expect that every developer with a few years of experience has an account where code can be seen. 

Sharing your code when applying for a job

When applying for a job, sharing your code with the company you would like to work for is super efficient. Whether you work with GitHub, Bitbucket or with GitLab.
It provides insight in your level, skill, enthusiasm and methodology. All these elements are important for a company to know about you. Therefore we would wholeheartedly advise you to open up a Github/Gitlab account if you don't have one already. If you work for a company that requires you to keep the code you write under wraps, we'd suggest you share some of the code you wrote for your own passion projects. If that is also impossible, you could make an online presentation of the projects that you feel represent your skill the best. In case you want some more tips on applying for jobs or writing an attractive, comprehensive cv, you can contact us through the website, or send us an open application - in return, we will send you our custom made developers cv-format.

We are curious to hear your thoughts about having a public profile to share your code on. Vote in our poll and leave a comment to share your toughts with the community 


Maike Warner
Publication date
08-12-2021 10:20 AM
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