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Senior iOS who is bored

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We at The House of Appril are looking for a Senior iOS developer who is bored and is looking for a new job. We have multiple clients looking for good engineers. We, Maike and Jacqueline are an independent team of job coaches who know all the ins and outs of the app jobs in NL. We can give you inside information about the team, clients and founders. We will help you with your next step, give advise about your salary and connect you with our network! We have build our network through the Appril festival, Appsterdam and Appdevcon and are both active members of the Dutch app community.


Blablablabaaaaa...You know the game ;)

Company profile

Our clients are companies that build apps for others, for themselves, working on small or large projects. They do this in small teams, large teams, international or Dutch teams. They work from home, one or two days in the office or 100% remote. We have all kinds of vacancies for everyone, if what you would like is not mentioned? Let us know. We will help you with your job search.


We can tell you more about competitive salary, offers and benefits and support you along the road. We know it's not always about the money, but nice team members, having responsibility, time to learn and respect is important as well. If you want to know more about the companies in NL and what could be a good fit, please contact us so we can help you with finding your new job.



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