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  • React Native
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React Native Developer

Job description

If you a React Native Developer and you're looking forward to a join a company with a product app. You like to upgrade your skills, please respond. As a React Native Developer you will be dedicated to bring the app to the next level. You will be working on several projects nut it's one app. This can be done in the office or you can do it from your own workstation if you only come to the office once a week to consult. You will be researching and building a lot on your own and there will be plenty of support to assist you should you not be able to figure it out. Speak dutch and live in NL


  • You have 3+ years experience with React Native
  • You have experience with Javascript frameworks
  • You have experience with Git
  • If you have experience with Amazon AWS, that's awesome
  • You are curious
  • You are pro-active
  • You have a Dutch working visa and live in The Netherlands

Company profile

The company is Dutch but with a lot of international talent.

Working with The House of Appril

Hi there! We are The House of Appril, the only Dutch talent agency specialised in app professionals that helps you with great app development jobs in The Netherlands. We are Firmly rooted in the community and as organiser of the Appril Festival, something we have been doing since 2012! We support the Dutch app community (Appsterdam) and we have a large network of interesting companies. We provide you with plenty of guidance: online and offline, we support you with your resume, interview advice and our network. The House of Appril's unique approach helps you find your next job or gig.


  • This vacancy is for a permanent contract
  • Depending on your experiences, you can receive shares, these build up to 4,9% in 3 years
  • Free delicious lunches
  • A lot of atonomy

If you would like to know more about this vacancy and meet our client, please contact Jacqueline, e-mail: info@thehouseofappril.com or call: 020- 215 7446.



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