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  • Dart
  • Part-time
  • Zuid-Holland
  • Senior

Flutter developer

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If as a Flutter developer you like nothing more than sinking your teeth into a new app to be developed, then you're in the right place with us. Because we are looking for your knowledge of building mobile applications, your ideas about the architecture and design of the app and of course the end result. If you can also work well together in a team, then that's absolutely great. PS. Speak dutch and live in NL


3+ years of working with Dart. If you have any native experiences, great!
You like to coach and teach others.
Speak dutch and live in NL

Company profile

Our client develops apps for several clients and is busy. The are looking for new people bu that's hard ;) So here we come, Maike and Jacqueline to help, if it's possible we like to connect the junior developer we have in mind, with a senior who guides the starte. If you have time to do this a few hours a week, please let us know.


  • A competitive salary and a great remote and flexible working environment.
  • Working with the latest hardware
  • Enthusiastic team
  • Full travel allowance
  • They encourage training and education for your personal and professional growth
  • Good to know, they provide great lunches for everyone in the office, if you come 1 or 2 days a week.
For questions about this vacancy, or do you want to know more about who we are, please contact us, Maike or Jacqueline, email: info@thehouseofappril.com or call: 020- 215 7446.



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