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Flutter Developer

Job description

We have record a podcast with one of the founders and one developer to tell you you more about the job and the company. Listen to our podcast to see if there is a match. Some fact's: We are looking for a Flutter Developer with experience. You will work in a small supportive team and help the other developer. You will for on apps for clients, at the office or at the office of the client. Apps with interesting new features that help companies provide their service in new and innovative ways. You can work from the office or from home but please do come to the office 2 day's a week for lunch, seeing your colleagues and collaborate.


Listen to the podcast with the developer who tells you more about the stack
• You have at least 2 to 3 years of experience building Flutter apps in a professional setting.
• You have a bachelor's degree in Technology / IT engineering or a master's degree.
• Sharing knowledge is important to you and guiding a junior is no problem for you.
• If you have some experience in building native apps (Android or iOS) that would be great!

Company profile

Our client creates multiple apps for their costumers. They work with a smallof backend, frond end, designers and developers team. The culture is informal and helping each-other is a key element in the success of the team. However, there will also be space for self-development.This way you can strengthen the team, and at the same develop your own skills as well.

Note: The agencies we work with are looking for app builders with a Dutch work permit ánd living in The Netherlands.


Do you have any questions about this position, or are you looking for some career advice, drop us a mail. Send an email to Jacqueline; info@thehouseofappril.com or call: 020-2157446
You will get a competitive salary that is suited to your knowledge and experience
25 holiday days per year
You get all the hardware you need
Lots of social activities if you're up for it
Time to go to event related to Swift
Travel compensation

Hi, We organise the app festival since 2012. Our new service is to help App developers with their next job. For a specialized app agency with great clients, we are looking for a Swift developer to join the iOS team. Together with their team members you will develop apps for clients, from end to end through prototyping, validation, implementation, launch, and further iteration. If you like to build different apps and like the variety, you are up for a new challenge, let's connect and see who we can help.



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