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Flutter Developer

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Our client has ask us to help them with their next Flutter developer. They have a small app and web team and work at one service. If as a Flutter developer you like nothing more than sinking your teeth into a new app to be developed, then you're in the right place with us. Because we are looking for your knowledge of building mobile applications, your ideas about the architecture and design of the app and of course the end result. If you can also work well together in a team, then that's absolutely great.


Two or three years of proven experience with Flutter and Dart is a requirement;
Have previous experience building native apps (Android or iOS)
Or experience with React Native
You are interested in learning new code
You are open to other developers and their ideas
Collaboration is the most normal thing in the world for you.
You hold a bachelor's degree in Technology / IT Engineering or master's degree
Excellent git / Github skills are an advantage;
Knowledge and experience with SOLID principles, clean architecture and unit / widget and integration testing;

Company profile

You will be working in a small, close-knit team where 'doing' is a real key word. This creates a synergy where team members strengthen each other and new ideas are valued. Solutions take precedence over ego. The atmosphere is informal and colleagues are willing to help each other, although there is plenty of room for independence within the team. So there is room to develop yourself and learn from your colleagues. There is already a successful website and now the app is coming. You can work at home and one day a week in the office.This day is for the whole team to discuss the development flow.


A competitive salary and a great remote and flexible working environment.
Working with the latest hardware
Working in a enthusiastic (small) app and web team
Full travel allowance
You can work hybrid.
For questions about this vacancy, or do you want to know more about who we are, please contact us, Maike or Jacqueline, email: or call: 020- 215 7446.



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