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Android Developer

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Hello, we are Maike and Jacqueline from The House of Appril – an agency based in Amsterdam with the most experienced coders, native and hybrid. Our agency is here to inspire, guide and connect app developers. We do this to help find their next job or gig. By uniting code experts, connecting them with technology company's and by organise our app festival, we are 100% app minded and here to help.

Are you a Medior Android Developer and you got the skills to create great apps?! listen up, we got the job for you! So if you're up for a new adventure, please read our vacancy and let's see how we can help you with your next job. #Mobile development #KotlinKing #You're the Best! #Explore #New #Job #Amsterdam

Kotlin Requirements

You have plenty of experience creating complex Kotlin apps
Is a Java or Kotlin master and knows all about the core functionalities of Android architecture components such as LiveData etc.
3+ years of creating apps for clients
Uses a variety of approaches for Unit testing and Behaviour Driven Development.
This includes Android solutions like Junit, Mockito, Espresso, PowerMockito,
You're good at working alone and within a team with designers, UX and QA within different scrum teams
Configuring and setting up CI/CD is a piece go cake for you
You like to work with the latest technologies

Company profile

Developers deal with a lot of pressure. This is detrimental to both developers and the quality of the apps that they are working on. Our client understands this: They are proactively trying to reduce overtime, or ‘crunching’. One of the policies that remedies this is the pre-emptive hiring of extra people when a deadline comes close. This reduces the pressure to a minimum and increases the work-happiness of their employees as well as the quality of the apps our client delivers. Because of this the atmosphere within the team is great and colleagues feel the time and space to help each other when necessary.


A competitive salary that is suited to your knowledge and experience
25 holiday days per year
You get all the hardware you need
Lots of social activities if you're up for it
Time to go to event related to Swift
Travel compensation

Do you have any questions about this position, or are you looking for some career advice, drop us a mail. Send an email to Jacqueline; or call: 020-2157446



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