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  • Kotlin
  • Full-time
  • Utrecht
  • Senior

Android developer

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We at the house have a large portfolio of clients, each with their own speciality. The customer we are looking for now, we have already found 2 other developers. Both are very happy and enjoy their work. The reason for this is that in this organization the working hours are respected. It is not a rat race and the motto 'tomorrow is another day' is respected.
Are you a Senior android developer, do you like to be the driving force behind native development team? Please apply today!

At this company you will take part in a self-organizing multi-disciplined mobile platform. You will that the lead when it come's to one of the product apps they create. You are empowered to create the best solution for this product apps and take full responsibility of the mobile platform: building, testing and supporting it. You are capable of taking over the basic activities of other DevOps team members when necessary, like performing business analysis, coding, executing tests or support activities. You are in the possesion of a Dutch work permit ánd reside in The Netherlands.


Listen HERE to our podcast with all the tech specifications on Spotify.
These programs have no secrets; Kotlin, Java, Android Studio, Android SDK;
TDD; Unit tests, Espresso & UI Automator for mobile applications;
#continuous integration #CI tools: Jenkins, Git; Working knowledge of the Atlassian suite (JIRA and Confluence); #Agile / Scrum.
You are widely versatile and besides being a Senior mobile developer,
you are also active in setting up automatic tests, build pipelines or solving production issues.

Company profile

Listen HERE to the company profile on Spotify.
The company we work with is a digital agency and we develop and design products of the highest quality. They create a “first-class” digital strategy for B2B and consumer apps. They develop and design the whole process of Software development, continuous integration & deployment, test and release management. The team consists of 30 people, some of whom are abroad. We have in-house business developers, designers, testers, backend, front end and app developers. Mainly iOS and Android.


  • Awesome colleagues
  • Good salary
  • Regular vacations and vacation pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • And work from home (due Corona)
  • We provide you with the best material
For questions about this or the other vacancies, please contact us: info@thehouseofappril.com or call: 020- 215 7446.



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